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6 hours in Saudi jail

6 hours in Saudi jail

Saudi prison accused of a lot of Weste media and human rights activists. How true and how fabulous the complaint, the foreign joualists have seen with your own eyes. Its philosophy is based on the experience of Humayun Chowdhury wrote Sadeq

And guard towers with machine guns at the door if you do not know who it could be in prison! Branch is scheduled to meet couples, especially when you see the clear head to go around. There is a heavy iron gate, but his sikaguloya nice flower painting. A long red carpet is spread out on the balcony. There are 38 private cell. Kuinasaija Each cell has a bed, refrigerator, television and bathroom.

It is the image of Saudi Arabia's Al-haira high security section of the prison. The Saudi govement brutally tortured the prisoners, detainees and human rights, there is no such publicity Weste govements, media and human rights groups had been for a long time. The Saudi govement-media propaganda so they replied orally, but joualists and human rights activists were not allowed to enter the prison. As a result, the West could not be silenced. Although much of the Muslim world, to their eyes, not at Guantanamo feeling tanatane their human rights.

Early last year, took the bold step of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the deputy interior minister and. He ordered, to allow joualists to be able to visit Saudi prison.
Taking advantage of this permission, visited the high security prison in the weste al-haira joualist Kevin Sullivan. It was last year. Let's hear her jabanite describe the experience:

I was the warden of the prison, Mohammad al-Ahmad. It was a Sunday. Noon. Mohammed said to me, 'We have nothing to hide. No bildintaya will show me empty, enter a cell. If you want to see, it will be shown. "
So I spent the next six hours, the prison wardens. I wanted to go on this long time, Mohammad smile has brought me there. I saw the cell blocks, hospitals, consummation of various cells, assigned to classrooms and leisure areas. Muhammad once told me that the area can not be certain. Prohibition was just making pictures.
At the beginning of the jouey, according to the traditional customs of Saudi Arabia is served with our tea. After the presentation of the strategy is shown by the Saudi govement-guyanatamora harsh environments, such as the generous treatment of prisoners, the right to retu and to inject.

A few miles south of the capital, Riyadh al-haira karagare nearly 11 hundred prisoners there. Most of the prisoners convicted of terrorism-related crimes. This high-security prison in Saudi Arabia have more than four. However, al-hairai largest. Santrasabadi groups, including al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of thinking to address the growing threat of the prison, the Saudi govement has established over the past decade.

The couple met in prison wing of al-haira. Married prisoners once a month for three to five hours to get the opportunity to spend time alone with their wives. At the time, the new bed sheets are provided. Tea and sweets were kept in the system.
Prisoners of the Saudi govement is looking for good and bad. Govement food, children's school fees and pay rent. Vehicle rental and hotel reservations to visit the prisoners. Even foreign prisoners back to their relatives Deals carries the Saudi govement. No prisoners (except murder suspect) have the opportunity to attend a family member's wedding. At the time, however, he was kept under strict guard. Again wedding gift to 6 billion US dollar equivalent of the govement prisoners.

The presentation of these crazy roster spot inspection of the prison. I went to the first family home. This is actually a hotel inside the jail. Some prisoners were given the opportunity to reward what is good to be here. The hotel has 18 large suites, including nine members of one family, more or less a prisoner of sleep. The suite was fresh flowers. There are children's play room and the buffet food.

While the Saudi govement facilities for the prisoners a year and a half to three million US dollars. In this context, the prison warden, Mohammed said, "Someone was guilty because we can not punish his family. Our strategy is to be able to do something good for society, to take care of them. Islam tells us to do that. "

Saudi Arabia has five high-security prison for three and a half thousand prisoners. Most of them are involved in terrorist offenses. Saudi Arabia's Al-Qaeda suspects involved in the attack.
The Ministry of Home Affairs under the responsibility of running the prison. Mabahitha Intelligence Agency. Ministry spokesman General Mansour al-Turkic said, "criminals and extremists as part of the rehabilitation of the Saudi govement to take care of the prisoners."
The Saudi govement long has been convicted of terrorism studies and religious education programs. Detainees transform thoughts and behaviors aimed at positive change.

Turkic-General said, "If we do not teach them, then you will see it come back a few days after the more hard-line. The reason for the family to help them, so they do not fall into the hands of terrorists. "
He said the rehabilitation program without having completed the 0 percent of people with the Double terrorists out of jail again.

But critics of the Turkic-General is confident in number. According to them, 0 percent, but more prisoners released have retued to terrorism. Without it, many Saudi citizens, especially wealthy Saudis provides support violent extremists. In this situation, it appears that the govement's rehabilitation program expressed sympathy for terrorists.
In response, Saudi officials said the prisoners we have a policy that is more realistic and effective. Kattarapanthike thousands of years, we will hold, and their relatives and friends will become more extreme, and it's how I hope?

Saudi officials, is supported by the United States, George Town University, director of the Center for Security Studies, said Bruce Hoffman, a prison rehabilitation program if you do not become a "Terrorist University. Small terrorist criminals may be out of here. Besides the United States from 70 to 75 percent of criminals out of jail again goes back to crime. Saudi Arabia is not bad compared to 0 percent. Rehabilitation program is in doubt.

We are walking. This led to our original karabhabanera warden. There is a large open space. Many on both sides of the metal doors, metal detectors and several iron gates. Warden wanted to know, what to see?
I do not do anything without thinking gave the hallways showed. Guard warden gave orders to open the gate. Hallway will be 50 meters in length. Painting hanging on the wall in the middle of the cell, a desert scene painted on it.

I gave him a cell showed little kaddura, talk to prisoners detained there. I opened the door, six young prisoners, all age-0's; Wearing prison clothing; Long gray cloak. They're surprised to see us! Still, they received us.
Later saw the same cell; It's a big cube 0 0 feet by feet. 0 feet above the roof. Many high on a wall with four windows. Light enters through the outer.
One for each mattress on the floor covered with carpet. They hooked up on a wall and lying in bed watching TV. The room is simple, but clean. With a large bathroom and shower area. Biscuits in a plastic bag hanging on the wall, candy bars, apples and bananas are kept.

Fahad name of one of the prisoners. According to the young prisoner in question, to join aiese he went to Syria. Because he wanted to fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. And she said, but I did go, as we were told, was in fact not so. ISO does not fight against Assad, rebel groups against the other.
Fahad said that the passport IS militants took first place. After a couple of months ago, I went away to the Turkish capital, Ankara. I took refuge in the Saudi embassy. Then he was sent back home. From there the prison. Fahad said, not in prison, but no one is happy. However, the arrangements are good.

I think it's wonders, the warden himself appeared. The prisoner sat in front of him, what else could I say? I doubt spend communicate with Gary Hall. The non-profit organization associated with the United Nations and the Inteational Prisons karekasanasa through the world of work and have the opportunity to see 80 of the country's prisons. United States Nebraska man in Saudi Arabia over the past 0 years to come, and training programs for prisoners, help to prepare officials said. He told me, 'You have seen al-haira prison, I hear'm not surprised at all. Πas they really took the prisoners. That is their religion. "

Still, my mind can not be in doubt. I called Saudi economist Mohamed al-Qahtani. He was sentenced to 10 years for criticizing the govement in 013. Al-hairera He is serving a prison sentence in a normal prison.
Qahtani said the families of many detainees from the prison funding is given. However, due to the policy of my family living in the United States has refused to take money.

Qahtani, he can read newspapers and books. See every day on television and speak with family members. He said many of his sahabandidera accused of violent crime and drug trafficking. They often had fights in prison. In addition, one prisoner committed suicide a month after the retreat.
Just talk to him in a prison of his own mind is so filled with outrage Qahtani, the Saudi govement. However, the situation inside the prison system does not have any complaints about her big. His words, not the bad.

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